Disaster Bucket Project

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There’s a Disaster!  We Need Your Help!

Let’s join together and see how many buckets we can fill!

UPDATE: THANKS TO THE GENEROSITY of so many of you, we currently have adequate funds to fill our 20 buckets, with some additional funds to provide for shipping and handling costs, and hopefully to cover some additional buckets, as well! We will be assembling the buckets on Saturday, May 22. Watch for time details!

Place your order, by marking the items you are willing to purchase and sending your order form to the church office by April 19. The order form can be downloaded here.

Joy Circle is inviting YOU to join them in assembling Church World Service Emergency Cleanup Buckets, often called “Disaster Buckets”, to assist those who have experienced disasters such as tornadoes or flooding.   OUR GOAL is to fill twenty buckets (estimated cost of over $1,600 dollars) and to provide additional funds for shipping.  

You can help us meet this goal, both by covering the cost of some of the items below, and by helping with the assembling of the buckets on Saturday Morning, May 22.  (More info will be shared about the bucket assembly in May.)    

Because the list of items that goes into the buckets is very specific, so that the items fit in “just right”, Joy Circle members will be purchasing the actual items.  You can help by donating funds to cover any of the items below, in any quantity or combination.  For instance, some may wish to cover the three sponges, others may wish to provide funds for all of the dish detergent, while some may wish to cover the cost of an entire bucket, or the processing fee for all!  

 Simply put your donation in an envelope, marking it for “Disaster Cleanup Bucket” and deliver to church or mail to 420 College Woods Drive.   The list of current needs is posted below. 

Thanks for sharing your love and concern for those who are experiencing DISASTERS!

Item Needed for each bucket: Approx. Cost per bucketEst. Total  CostCurrent # Needed
Bucket with lid$7.00bucket$140.0020
Four scouring pads$3.00per pack$60.0020
Seven small sponges and one large$3.25per set of 8$65.0020
One scrub brush $5.00per brush$100.0020
18 reusable cleaning towels$6.50per 18$130.0020
50 oz. bottle of liquid laundry detergent$10.00per bottle$200.0020
24  oz. bottle of liquid dish soap$5.00per bottle$100.0020
16 oz. bottle of liquid household cleaner$4.00per bottle$80.0020
 package of 48-50 clothespins$5.50per pkg$110.0020
Clotheslines, two 50 ft -plastic coated$6.00per pair$120.0020
Five dust masks$2.00for 5$40.0020
Two pairs of non- surgical latex gloves $1.00for 2$16.0020
One pair of leather work gloves$10.00per pair$200.0020
25 heavy duty 30 – 45 gallon trash bags$12.00per roll$240.0020
 6-9 oz bottle non-aerosol insect repellant$6.00per bottle$120.0020
Processing fee per bucket$3.00each$60.0020
Approximate Cost per Bucket $80.00$1,781.0020
Needs updated on March 23, 2021