“New Christmas Traditions ”

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This year marks my second Christmas here in Nigeria and, as is the case for so many, it is already feeling very different from last year, which was already different from the year before in my case. And with each year, new traditions are a welcome, and important, part of celebrating Christmas.

One example of a new tradition came about by taking a plain curtain and creating an inverted Christmas tree in the main room of the house. By stringing up twinkle lights, pinning Christmas cards and hanging star decorations made out of aluminum cans, it is a way to share Christmas joy to all who enter this home. And in such a time as this, we can all use a little more of this Christmas joy in our homes and in our lives.

~ Sharon Flaten

Sharon’s Nigerian Family

How to make star decorations out of aluminum cans:

1.      Rinse can well
2.     Using a knife, cut the top of the aluminum can off
3.     Using scissors, cut strips (½ – 1-inch) lengthwise down to the bottom 
4.     Take a pencil/pen and tightly wrap every other strip around it (can do other patterns too!)
5.     Cut a hole in one of the long strips using a nail and hammer; thread string/ribbon through to hang! 

Star Decoration made with aluminum cans