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  • BCCC is an outreach program of the Bridgewater Church of the Brethren, and provides affordable, quality child care. The Center was established as a non-profit service and welcomes children from all religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds.




Bridgewater Child Care Center Philosophy

Project1The Center seeks to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and concern among children and between adults and children where differences are accepted, cooperation is encouraged and conflicts are resolved peacefully. A secure, fun atmosphere is presented so that children may feel comfortable with peers and staff, yet be allowed freedom enough to vent pent-up energies in appropriate ways. Varied activities, games, crafts and outdoor play are available. BCCC seeks to provide physical safety, emotional support and physical and intellectual stimulation for all enrolled children. Involvement by parents/guardians is always welcomed and encouraged.

The Center operates under a religious exemption, but follows state licensing standards.

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