Hospitality House

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Open Doors for Refugee Families

Refugee HouseFrom 1997 to 2003, we resettled families from Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, a number of Moslem and mixed Catholic-Orthodox couples who were not accepted by the major ethnic groups in those countries. One Bosnian and one Russian family that were in different apartments in our Hospitality House at first were very wary of each other and kept the door between the apartments locked.

But they soon found each other to be warm humans instead of monsters, and became good friends. One time when the Russian grandfather and a member of our committee were helping the Bosnian family plant some grape shoots in the back yard, the Bosnian wife said with tears in her eyes that she never expected to see the day when members of the two major powers of the world, the United States and Russia, would be stooping to help a poor Bosnian woman.