February – March 2016 Book Study Group

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Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith,
by Cannon, Harper, Jackson, and Rah
February 10 and 24 / March 9 and 23, 2-3 pm, Lounge
Christianity in America has a bad reputation – a public image marked by hurtful attitudes toward homosexuals, women, minorities, followers of other religions, and others outside our fold.  Though this image is sometimes unfair, we must admit: Too often, this reputation is deserved.

In this short 2014 book, four Christian leaders confess the church’s public failings and call on fellow believers to reengage the surrounding culture in a new and transformative way.  With 7 sections to match the 7 Wednesdays of Lent, might this be a timely challenge for collective confession and repentance?

Order your copy through the office at an estimated cost of ~$17 (if ordered by January 25) OR obtain your own copy.  Even if you are not able to read the book, you are welcome to attend and participate in the discussions.  If you have any questions—about the book authors, or discussion—please contact Chris Zepp.