The youth ministries of the Bridgewater Church of the Brethren exist for the spiritual formation and nurture of youth grades 6-12.  Through an intentional program, age specific activities, and intergenerational relationships we seek to:

*Provide opportunities and tools for youth to explore and integrate their growing faith and unique identities.

*Nurture the development of spiritual maturity and foundational values for ethical  living.

*Offer fun, engaging, and meaningful occasions for fellowship and recreation in which all are welcomed and affirmed.

*Reflect deeply on Christian beliefs and Brethren values, supporting youth as they examine and test their convictions.

*Encourage youth to discover, develop, and share their unique talents and gifts for ministry and service, and to find their place both in the community of faith and our world.

*Cultivate an awareness of and an appreciation for the realities and the needs of our world.

*Invite youth into a life of following the way of Jesus and serving the world with God’s love.

Read about Youth and Junior High Sunday School times and locations here.

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Kyle and Katie Remnant – Youth Ministry Coordinators