E-Mail Scam Alert

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If you receive a message (see below) purporting to be about someone in our church family, please be aware that this is a scam. Please share the word that this is not a valid request for funds. Thanks to all who have reached out to clarify and who have been concerned.  If you have contributed please contact church staff so that we can relay that information to appropriate authorities. If you have additional questions please contact the church office.
“Dear Member,
One of our member is in dire need of the entire Bridgewater Church of the Brethren help to save his son who is critically ill and needs to be operated urgently. It will be appreciated if we all can join hands together as one family and save his son Richard. A fundraising campaign has been created and we are relying on the entire family to help him raise the funds needed. Below is the fundraising campaign, thank you for your support in advance. No amount is too small and any amount donated out of the kindness of your heart will be highly appreciated.”