To honor a special occasion or to remember a special someone, please consider dedicating a flower arrangement for worship in our Sanctuary on Sunday mornings. To dedicate an arrangement, you may email our church secretary or call the Church Office at (540) 828-3711. Your dedication will be printed in the Sunday worship bulletin if it is received before Wednesday noon. If altar flowers have already been provided by someone else, you will be contacted and asked if you would like to have the arrangement used in the greeting hall or if another date would be acceptable.

Best Contact Number: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
What Sunday (month, date, year) will you be providing Altar Flowers?
As you wish this to be included in the bulletin. If you don't want your name included, please indicate this.
(example: in celebration of/ in honor of/ in memory of)
Flowers can be ordered from any local florists. The Bridgewater area florists are familiar with where to deliver the flowers, and how to store them in the church's flower refrigerator.
photo of flowers