Community of Faith

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Join our community, where all are welcome!

We seek to be a community of faith that welcomes and includes all persons in our shared life together. Yet we recognize that our collective history and human imperfection has marginalized some in the past and causes some to question the sincerity of our welcome and inclusion in the present.  Therefore, we name the following for ourselves and for others: We value, love, and want to share life with persons of all theological, cultural and life backgrounds.  We affirm our identities as children of God and embrace the diversity of our racial, ethnic, gender identities and sexual orientations. We welcome those of diverse relationships, social and family statuses.  We embrace those of varying relationships with God, educational levels, physical and mental abilities, ages, and economic circumstances.  We include conscientious objectors, those who serve and have served in the military, and persons of all political and ideological persuasions.  We share our lives in all their joy and messiness as we live, grow, serve, and love together.  (from our Vision and Identity Statement – see more)