“Children of the Heavenly Father”

Today’s “in the Wilderness” was submitted by Dale Flaten.  This reflection and music is shared by a friend of Dale’s, Rebecca Peterson Sullivan.  Becky and Dale were in Cameroun at boarding school back in the mid-1960s, and also  were together at Hillcrest School in Jos, Nigeria.   Dale’s writes, “Children of the Heavenly Father is a piece of music which is also part of my growing up, as my father was deeply rooted in the Swedish Lutheran Church, and this hymn brings back warm memories of my visiting my grandmother’s church.  May it be a blessing to all who listen.”

Thank you, Dale! 

Hi! I'm a part of the Watonwan River Conference Pastors, and we are taking turns sharing words of hope during these challenging times.

Posted by Rebecca Sullivan on Tuesday, March 24, 2020