450x280KidsCraftsVision:  To be an inclusive family of faith seeking to follow Jesus and live the love of God.

Mission: As an inclusive community of faith, we commit ourselves to embody the love of God and to share our diverse lives and gifts with each other and the world. Through faith formation, worship, mission, and fellowship we boldly proclaim the peace and love of Christ. Together we work for justice, extend grace, and partner with God to offer abundant life, healing, and hope to our community and the world.

Guiding Values:

We value sharing life together and including all persons in our common life.

We value growing in faith, compassion, and understanding.

We value serving one another and our neighbor’s good.

We value sharing the love of God and the God that is love.

Bridgewater Church of the Brethren

We seek to be a community of faith that welcomes and includes all persons in our shared life together. Yet we recognize that our collective history and human imperfection has marginalized some in the past and causes some to question the sincerity of our welcome and inclusion in the present.  Therefore, we name the following for ourselves and for others: We value, love, and want to share life with persons of all theological, cultural and life backgrounds.  We affirm our identities as children of God and embrace the diversity of our racial, ethnic, gender identities and sexual orientations. We welcome those of diverse relationships, social and family statuses.  We embrace those of varying relationships with God, educational levels, physical and mental abilities, ages, and economic circumstances.  We include conscientious objectors, those who serve and have served in the military, and persons of all political and ideological persuasions.  We share our lives in all their joy and messiness as we live, grow, serve, and love together.


We value sharing life together and including all persons in our common life. To that end we:  

• Strive for the inclusion and acceptance of all persons without exception, holding in love our relationships with one another and with God

• Bear each other’s burdens; celebrate joy, grace, and mercy; give and receive forgiveness in the messiness of life

• Affirm that relationships matter

• Recognize that we live in a world created by God and shared with others

• Practice peace-building and pursue the things that make for peace

• Live as faithful and generous stewards of the Earth, our resources, and our relationships

We value growing in faith, compassion, and understanding.To that end we:  

• Seek to continually grow in our faith as we follow the way of Jesus, and to be formed, guided, and nurtured by the Holy Spirit

• Embrace both the mysteries and certainties of faith

• Engage worship, prayer, and the study of scripture as opportunities for transcendence, community development and self-enrichment

• Value and invest in education and faith formation

• Embrace, celebrate and share our diversity as a gift while discovering ways to appreciate one another as God’s unique and beloved creations

• Encourage opportunities to learn from one another, from our sisters and brothers around the world, and from our own experiences while being open to changes and new insights

We value serving one another and our neighbor’s good.To that end we:

• Share our faith in acts of service, advocacy, and witness

• Discern how to operate as a missional community, knowing we do not exist for ourselves alone

• Find ways to offer healing, hope, and God’s love to the world around us

• Empower creativity and compassion as we share in acts of service and care

• Work for peace and for justice in our interactions and in the world

• Open ourselves to be humbled and challenged by service to others
We value sharing the love of God and the God that is love. To that end we:  

• Seek to embody God’s love in our life together

• Proclaim all persons as beloved children of God

• Extend love to others and to ourselves as Christ loves us

• Challenge ourselves to live as examples of the abundant life and extravagant love we experience through Jesus the Christ

• Live as children of our loving and sustaining God, sharing in the vision of God for all, and desiring to see Christ in one another

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Adopted by BWCOB Council August 25, 2013