“A Mother’s Day Prayer”

by Kathy Fuller Guisewite

Creating God,
Today we pray for mothers…
For Grandmothers who have blessed us with their wisdom and love.
Thank You, God, for the warm feelings that rise when we think of Grandmothers
and the gift of parents they bore for us.
We pray for our own Mother…
For the safe journey through her body out into this wondrous life,
and for all the love shown, given, and shared.
Thank You for this cherished soul…
for her life, her living, her love.
We pray this day for birthmothers and
for adoptive mothers who are connected by a child they both love.
We pray for wholeness in their mothering and love so wide
that spaces of sorrow will give way to peace.
We pray also, God, for foster mothers who take into their homes and hearts
children so in need of comfort and steadiness.
Bless these souls who touch lives deeply and who love so freely.
Bless mothers who weep today…
out of loss ~
loss of their own Mom,
loss of a baby or the hope of ever giving birth,
loss of a child through illness or an act of violence.
Wrap Your loving arms around these women and comfort them
as only You can.
And we pray Your blessings on the new Moms.
Bless those who carry precious life within their bodies still…
give them health and strength and wisdom.
And for those who celebrate their first Mother’s Day with a babe in arms…
Bless them with great joy, thankful hearts, renewed energy, and a mother’s love that
will carry them with grace through the years ahead.
Bless mothers who struggle in their relationships with their children.
Bless step-mothers who become mothers at the same time they become wives.
Wrap them in Your wisdom and give them strong, yet tender hearts.
Bless single mothers who carry the load.
Bless teenage mothers with loving entities who will guide them, comfort them, and
encourage them to be strong, loving moms.
We thank You, this day, for other women in our lives who have mothered us and
who have shown us Your love.
Thank You for coming to us in feminine ways …
for tender hands,
for nurturing souls,
for practical minds, and
for hearts that break only to then
grow larger and deeper in their loving.
Keep making us, Dear God, into children of Your Spirit and Your love.
Thank You for entrusting us with the abilities to be mothers and children.
Help us to go forth in this day to offer
Your mothering spirit to each person we meet.