youth coordinators

Clarke and Hope Staton were married at Bridgewater CoB shortly after they joined in 2009. They love the church and have been involved in various committees and Hope serves as a deacon as well. While they have enjoyed their involvement, they wanted to get deeper into the church community and felt led to become Youth Coordinators.

Hope attended Bridgewater College where she received a BA in English Literature. She also served for 3 years in the BVS spending time in San Antonio, TX and in Northern Ireland. Both her father and mother are ordained Brethren ministers. She spent 7 years as a dorm parent at Stuart Hall School in Staunton.

Clarke was a missionary kid who spent nearly 20 years in various countries in Africa. While in South Africa he worked as a house parent for the Johannesburg Child Welfare Society and at the Edenvale Baptist Church’s after-school program. After his marriage to Hope he also was a dorm parent at Stuart Hall for 2 years.

Hope and Clarke live in Staunton where they run their own massage therapy practice, and care for their two crazy cats. They both enjoy camping, hiking, board & video games and all things sci-fi and fantasy related. Their individual interests/hobbies include: Hope – Crocheting, knitting, gardening and scrapbooking, Clarke – Reading, learning to use the numerous tools he has collected over the years in various projects and is interested in learning to build various types of models.

They feel that their life experiences offer a lot to the youth at BCoB, and are excited to be working with such a great group of young people.